MooPlug Features  -  What does this MooPlug do then? Help you milk cows?
MooPlug is very much still in active development so this feature list just shows the current functionality within the plugin and there is sure to be more added soon!

Dialog Functions

  • File Dialogs
    • Let users choose where to save exported files from or choose where to import files from.
  • Folder Dialogs
    • Pick a folder and optional create a new one in the specified path.
  • Colour Dialogs
    • Choose a colour using the standard windows colour picker.

Download Functions

  • Download Files
    • Download files from the Internet and save them to the computers temporary folder.
  • Download Text
    • Downloads a text file and returns the text contained within.

File Functions

  • Create / Delete Files
    • Create and delete files.
  • Copy / Move Files
    • Copy and Move files.
  • Check Files Exist
    • Check if files exist, can be useful before performing other operations on a file, such as ZIP compression or extraction.
  • Read Files
    • Read a text file into a FileMaker variable or field.
  • File Information
    • Get information about files, such as version and file size.

Folder Functions

  • Copy Folders
    • Copy folders.
  • Create Folders
    • Create folders.
  • Check Folders Exist
    • Check if a folder exists, useful befor exporting to a folder for example.
  • Delete Folders
    • Delete folders.
  • List Folder Contents
    • list all of the files in a folder, optionally matching a specified pattern.
  • Move Folders
    • Move folders.

FTP Functions

  • Download Files from FTP
    • Download files from an FTP server.
  • Upload Files by FTP
    • Upload a file from your computer to a FTP server.

Hotkey Functions

  • Set Hotkeys
    • Set Hotkeys to run scripts.
  • List Hotkeys
    • List previously set Hotkeys.
  • Remove Hotkeys
    • Remove previously set Hotkeys.

Printer Functions

  • Set/Get Default Printer
    • Set or Get the system default printer.
  • List Printers
    • Lists all installed printers.

Process Functions

  • Check a Process
    • Check if a specified process is running.
  • List Processes
    • Lists all running processes.
  • Count Processes
    • Count all running processes., or optionally the amount of copies of one process.

ZIP Functions

  • Compress Files
    • Compress files into a standard ZIP archive which can be opened by any ZIP software.
  • Extract Files
    • Extract files from a compressed ZP archive.
  • List Files
    • List all of the files in a ZIP archive.