Moo_ZipExtract  -  Extract a Zip archive.

Moo_ZipExtract ( sFile; bTemp; bOverwrite );

This function extracts a Zip file.


sFileStringYes The input ZIP file to be extracted.
bTempBooleanNoFalseIf false the ZIP file is extracted to the same folder as the input file.
bOverwriteBooleanNoFalseOverwrite existing file if it already exists.

Return Value

Returns the path to the extracted file, or an error code.


Will be worked on to support extracting multiple files in a future version.


Error CodeDescription
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_1Invalid number of arguments.
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_2Invalid source Zip file input.
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_3Source Zip file doesn't exist.
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_4Error opening source Zip file.
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_5Empty Zip file.
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_6Error extracting Zip file.
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_7Error reading Zip headers.
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_8Error extracting Zip file.
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_9Error extracting Zip file.
Moo_ZipExtract|Err_10Error extracting Zip file.

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