Moo_HotkeyAdd  -  Registers a hotkey.

Moo_HotkeyAdd ( sHotkey; sFile; sScript; sParam; bAlt; bControl; bShift; bGlobal );

This functions sets a hotkey to run a script.


sHotkeyStringYes The hotkey to register.
sFileStringYes The file to run a script from.
sScriptStringYes The script to run.
sParamStringNo The script parameter.
bAltBooleanNoFalseUse Alt as Hotkey Modifier.
bControlBooleanNoFalseUse Control as Hotkey Modifier.
bShiftBooleanNoFalseUse Shift as Hotkey Modifier.
bGlobalBooleanNoFalseIf True Hotkeys are active even if FileMaker isn't active window.

Return Value

Returns a true if the hotkey was successfully registered, or an error code.


Added in MooPlug Version 0.4.7.

Additonal keys and modifiers were added in MooPlug version 0.4.9.

See List of Supported Hotkeys
Function Keys (F1 - F12)
A - Z and 0-9
Space, Esc, End, Home, Up, Down, Left, Right
Modifiers: Alt, Control and Shift.


Error CodeDescription
Moo_HotkeyAdd|Err_1Invalid number of arguments.
Moo_HotkeyAdd|Err_2Unknown hotkey specified.
Moo_HotkeyAdd|Err_3Error creating hotkey window.
Moo_HotkeyAdd|Err_4Hotkey already registered.
Moo_HotkeyAdd|Err_5Error registering hotkey.

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