Moo_FTPDownload  -  Download a file via FTP.

Moo_FTPDownload ( sServer; sUser; sPassword; sRemotePath; sLocalFile; bProgress );

This function downloads a file via FTP, optionally specifying the local path.


sServerStringYes FTP Server to connect to.
sUserStringYes FTP username.
sPasswordStringYes FTP password.
sRemotePathStringYes The remote file path on the server.
sLocalFileStringNoTemp FolderThe local file to be saved to.
bProgressBooleanNo Show progress of FTP download.

Return Value

Returns either the path to the downloaded file, or an error code.


Can optionally be used with the Moo_ProgressOptions function.


Error CodeDescription
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_1Invalid number of arguments.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_2Invalid number of arguments.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_3Invalid sServer input parameter.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_4Invalid sUser input parameter.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_5Invalid sPassword input parameter.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_6Error opening internet connection.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_7Error opening ftp connection.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_8Source file input doesn't exist.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_9Invalid source file input.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_10Remote file not found on FTP server.
Moo_FTPDownload|Err_11Error downloading file.

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