Moo_FolderList  -  List files in a folder.

Moo_FolderList ( sFolder; sPattern; sSeparator );

This functions lists the files in a folder, optionally matching a file pattern.


sFolderStringYes The input folder to be listed.
sPatternStringNo*.*A file pattern to filter list files.
sSeparatorStringNo|How to separate the output files.

Return Value

Returns either a list of the files in the folder, or an error code.


Added in MooPlug Version 0.4.1.


Error CodeDescription
Moo_FolderList|Err_1Invalid number of arguments.
Moo_FolderList|Err_2Invalid source folder input.
Moo_FolderList|Err_3Input folder contains no files.

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