Moo_FileWrite  -  Writes or Appends to a file.

Moo_FileWrite ( sFile; sText; bAppend; bOverwrite );

This function lets you write or append to a file.


sFileStringYes The input file to be written/appended to.
sTextStringYes The text to write/append.
bAppendBooleanNoFalseIf true appends to the file if it exists.
bOverwriteBooleanNoFalseIf true and file exists file is deleted prior to writing.

Return Value

Returns either a boolean value of true if the file was created succesfully, or an error code.


Was changed from Moo_FileCreate in MooPlug Version 0.4.6.


Error CodeDescription
Moo_FileWrite|Err_1Invalid number of arguments.
Moo_FileWrite|Err_2Invalid source file input.
Moo_FileWrite|Err_3Source file already exists.
Moo_FileWrite|Err_4Error opening file.
Moo_FileWrite|Err_5Error writing to file.
Moo_FileWrite|Err_6Error removing file.

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