Moo_FileInfo  -  Get information about a file.

Moo_FileInfo ( sFile; sInfo; sOptions );

This functions lets you delete a file.


sFileStringYes The input file.
sInfoStringYes The information to retrieve.
sOptionsStringNo Options for the selected information.

Return Value

Returns either the requested file information, or an error code.


Currentley only supports the following sInfo and sOptions values:

sInfosInfo DescsOptionssOptions Desc
sizeGet a files sizehuman
in human readable form, eg 10kb
in bytes eg 10240
versionGet a files version
createdGet a files creation datetimestampoptionally set the file creation date
modifiedGet a files modification datetimestampoptionally set the file modification date


Error CodeDescription
Moo_FileInfo|Err_1Invalid number of arguments.
Moo_FileInfo|Err_2Invalid source file input.
Moo_FileInfo|Err_3Source file doesn't exist.
Moo_FileInfo|Err_4Unknown sInfo parameter.
Moo_FileInfo|Err_5Unknown sOptions parameter.
Moo_FileInfo|Err_6Error retrieivng file info.

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