Moo_FileCopy  -  Copy a file.

Moo_FileCopy ( sSource; sDestination; bOverwrite; bProgress );

This functions lets you make a copy of a local file.


sSourceStringYes The input file to be copied.
sDestinationStringYes Where should the file be copied to.
bOverwriteBooleanNoFalseShould existing files be overwritten.
bProgressBooleanNoFalseShow file copy progress.

Return Value

Returns either a boolean value of true if the file copy succeeded, or an error code.

Can optionally be used with the Moo_ProgressOptions function.


Error CodeDescription
Moo_FileCopy|Err_1Invalid number of arguments.
Moo_FileCopy|Err_2Invalid source file input.
Moo_FileCopy|Err_3Source file does not exist.
Moo_FileCopy|Err_4Invalid destination file input.
Moo_FileCopy|Err_5Destination file already exists.
Moo_FileCopy|Err_6Error copying file.

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