MooPlug Change Log  -  What was changed and when then?
Version 0.4.9
24th July 2010
Version 0.4.8
18th March 2009
  • Added new functions:
  • Added two new items to Moo_FileInfo
    • # Modified Date
    • # Created Date
  • Added support for specifying port in Moo_FTPDownload and Moo_FTPUpload eg ""
  • Changed Moo_FolderCreate to add support for creating nested folder strucures in one call, eg "C:\moo\fish\cheese\badger"
  • Added a second parameter to Moo_DownloadFile to Moo_DownloadFile( sRemoteURL ; sLocalPath ) to specify the path to download to, where sLocalPath can be:
    • A full path: C:\folder\sub-folder\filename.moo
    • A filename: ( will be saved to the Temp folder as before)
    • A folder path: C:\folder\sub-folder\ (will use the filename from sRemoteURL and save to specified folder.
  • Fixed bug in Moo_DialogFile causing the dialog not to show unless sDefault was set
  • Changes in Moo_ZipCompress
    • Added support for password protecting zip archives.
    • Fixed a bug with adding files with a file pattern.
  • Fixed errors when using Moo_FileInfo on a file without version information.
  • Added Progress Bar support to Moo_FileCopy
  • General code optimisations and fixes.
  • Updated Documentation.

Version 0.4.7
22nd September 2008
Version 0.4.6
11th March 2008
Version 0.4.5
27th January 2008
Version 0.4.4
21st January 2008
Version 0.4.3
1st October 2007
  • Small bug

Version 0.4.2
24th August 2007
Version 0.4.1
5th March 2007
  • Updated Updated ZIP library code to latest Version.
  • Added new function:

Version 0.4
9th February 2007
  • Initial public release.