MooPlug  -  A multi-purpose freeware plugin for FileMaker Databases.

Latest News

MooPlug 0.4.9 has been released with mostly bug fixes and a new function.

View the full Changelog and then Download!

Please let us know if you find any problems or have any suggestions for the next version on the Bug Tracker.

About MooPlug

MooPlug originally just started off as a small side project for me to see if I could actually make a plugin or not. Well it turns out I can!

When I've had time I've worked on it more and added features that I wanted to use myself and the result is the MooPlug you can find right here!

It is currently only for the windows platform, but I do plan on a Mac version and have already started a tiny bit of work on that, but I currently don't have access to my Mac so that kinda slows down progress a bit!

The name was just a bit of a joke and meant just as a temporary code name until I thought of a proper name, but now MooPlug has just kinda stuck, so there you go!

If you have any feature suggestions, bug reports, questions or comments related to the plugin, then feel free to Contact me.