Moo_DownloadText  -  Download a text file's contents.

Moo_DownloadText ( sFile );

This functions lets you download a text file from the internet to the temporary folder and return the value, which you can either save to a variable or put it into a field.


sFileStringYes The input file to be downloaded.

Return Value

Returns either the contents of the downloaded text file, or an error code.


Should work better with dynamic urls since MooPlug Version 0.4.7.


Error CodeDescription
Moo_DownloadText|Err_1Invalid number of arguments.
Moo_DownloadText|Err_2Invalid input URL.
Moo_DownloadText|Err_3File download failed.
Moo_DownloadText|Err_4Error opening file.
Moo_DownloadText|Err_5Error reading file.

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